Exhibition Stands: Add-Ons For Your Exhibition Display Booth

If you are planning to take part in an event or exhibition with your own trade show display or trade show booth, the following tips will certainly help you to improve your overall presence.

Add hanging displays

Vibrant suspended displays carry numerous advantages, especially in a large scale tradeshow. A visitor entering the display area can only see numerous rows of nearly identical stalls, with nearly the same heights and widths. Adding a hanging display in the space right above exhibition stands can draw people’s attention, and the visitors are likely to get attracted from afar. The hanging display is an effective use of the space above your stall just like your ground space.

Hanging displays are usually made of extruded aluminium or fibreglass; with bright coloured sublimated pillowcase graphics that cover the frames entirely. These displays are somewhat expensive additions to your trade show booth, but definitely ones that are likely to make a strong impression.

Branded counters

One essential goal for trade show booths is to make as huge a impression in the usually small space available. Multi-purpose display objects provide a huge benefit to the budget conscious companies. Both of these goals can be met perfectly with the help of case-to-counter conversion kits.

These very simple kits can help you in converting your travel cases into very convenient branded counters for exhibition booths. These trade show booths can be used conveniently for indoor and outdoor events. The kits are light-weight, portable and very easy to convert. The graphics are usually prepared on sublimated polyester fabric or roll-able PVC. Case conversion kits are the ideal solution for you if you want to do more with less.

Sublimated table covers

Most trade show displays come with a standard sized table, which is a part of the facilities provided by the organizers. Every organization then faces the challenge of making their table as attractive as possible. Although there are many possible ways, one of the best ones is to use a full-colour, knit polyester cover. The best thing about the knit cover is that it can be completely covered with printed material that literally covers every inch. If your company wants its main PMS colour to form the background that can be done. You can also use the company logo and tagline to do the step and repeat, which you can also do with the image of an actual product. There is no limit to what can graphically be done with sublimated table covers. They are inexpensive and can conveniently pull together the complete exhibition stand

While we all use the standard displays for many exhibition booths and trade show booths, additions like these can really ensure that your stall attracts an amazing amount of attention at the next occasion. If in doubt, always consult with an exhibition stand company or exhibition stand contractor for more professional advice.